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Return/Exchange Policy



For copyright reasons, all DVD sales are considered final unless any of the following criteria are met:

-          We sent you the wrong DVD

-          The DVD is physically defective

-          The content is different from the description

-          The DVD will not play in your DVD player 

An exchange of merchandise request must be made within two (2) weeks from the date the DVD was ordered. Send an email to mark.tolliver@worldinstituteofpain.org and include the specific reason(s) for the request. Once we receive the product back, exchanges will be honored at no additional cost to the buyer. 

Returns will be considered due to player incompatibility only, and all costs associated with the purchase including original shipping costs will be refunded to the credit card used with the initial purchase. WIP will not reimburse the buyer for the cost of shipping returned items unless agreed to in advance and in writing by WIP. If requested after two weeks, WIP reserves the right to refuse any exchange or return. 

WIP refunds the item and shipping costs for all non-deliverable orders that are addressed correctly, but returned by the post office for any reason. A notice will be sent to the buyer regarding the non-delivery and to reorder. 


Purchases of downloaded videos for immediate, delayed, or unlimited viewing are non-refundable.   


All tie sales are considered final unless the tie is defective. A replacement tie will be shipped at no additional cost to the buyer. 

Membership/Subscriber Fees

All membership and subscribe fees are considered final.   

Thank you for your support. 

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